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Advancing equity in understanding and practice

Collective Impact defines our commitment to address critical social issues that influence equity through a community-based collaborative approach. Nationals Philanthropies seeks to convene partners and resources to catalyze for sustainable change.

We will define our role and measure success by:

  • Serving as a trusted and viable community partner in social discourse, sustainable initiatives, and policy change that advances equity for area residents.
  • Demonstrating an authentic and lasting commitment to advance equity through a diverse workforce and evolved business practices


The violent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor bring visceral pain to our staff, our Scholar Athletes, and our community. They represent a prescient reminder of racial and social injustices that will persist if we do not actively seek to dismantle systemic racism in our country. A letter from CEO Tal Alter wasshared with supporters of Nationals Philanthropies and the Youth Baseball Academy detailing how our organization is listening, planning, and responding.
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Since 2018, Nationals Philanthropies has been intentional to build relationships with key stakeholders and organizations committed to meeting the needs of underserved residents, primarily through a hyper-local lens with an emphasis on the neighborhoods where the Youth Baseball Academy has a programmatic presence. As our Collective Impact work evolves,it will increasingly represent the connective tissue between Academy programs, comprehensive community engagement, and neighborhood transformation.

Office of Collective Impact
Food insecurity is a systemic problem for vulnerable populations and a primary concern for an ever-increasing number of families. Because of COVID19-related closures, access points to food have been limited for the people who need it most. In partnership with World Central Kitchen, over 500,000 meals have been served out of the kitchens at Nationals Park, using the power of food to heal and strengthen communities.