Paint splatter accent Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes

Support local first responders

As the son of a decorated police chief and part of a family with a long history of first responders, Kyle Schwarber recognizes the unique sacrifice first responders and their families make to serve the community. Throughout the season, Schwarber will visit local agencies to provide resources and gratitude.

Schwarber’s Neighborhood Heroes recognizes first responders by honoring their heroism, courage, and devotion to duty. Nationals fans are invited to contribute to the Heroes Fund, managed by Washington Nationals Philanthropies. All funds raised will be granted in full to local non-profits supporting first responders and community engagement.

Support local first responders!

Police, Fire, EMS and Military serve an important role in our community. With a donation today, you support area organizations that provide services for first responders and their families as well as engage in important neighborhood relations initiatives.