Paint splatter accent NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund: Pathways to Housing DC

July 17, 2020

Pathways to Housing DC issued a $25,000 grant

The mission of Pathways to Housing DC is to end chronic homelessness for persons living with serious mental illnesses and other complex health challenges using the Housing First model. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the homeless population, highlighting the existing health challenges faced by this community and the additional risks posed by COVID-19. Pathways’ clients have many chronic health conditions that require supplemental foods and nutrition while others live on such limited dollars that a trip to the grocery store to “stock up” is unrealistic. With many restaurants closed, clients experiencing homelessness now rely even more on Pathways for food as well. As social distancing and isolation protocols impact the region, it is yet another reminder that housing is healthcare. This grant issued through the NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund will help Pathways to Housing DC continue on their mission to end homelessness by moving people off the streets and into housing as well as enable Street Outreach teams to deploy daily with lifesaving resources for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.