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10 Years of Youth Baseball + Softball

For a decade, Nationals Academy has served over 6,000 D.C. youth across a continuum of free programs designed to foster their positive character development, academic achievement, and improved health. Since beginning after school programs in the fall of 2013, five classes have matriculated from third through eighth grade in the BASE afterschool and summer program, going on to excel on and off the baseball field at some of the region’s most competitive high schools.

Nationals Academy has also grown into a community pillar over the last decade, serving as a hub of support throughout the pandemic and a critical food access point for the neighborhood through its weekly produce market and meal programs.

Because of the continued generosity of its partners, supporters, and volunteers, more young people every year will have access to academic enrichment, effective coaching, and the joy of baseball at the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

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D.C. youth served through afterschool enrichment and baseball/softball programs since 2014


healthy meals and snacks provided to Academy participants and community members in 2023


invested in the community through facility construction and program delivery

FIELD OF GREENS MARKET: Fund a bag of produce today

The Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in partnership with 4P Foods operates the only year-round farmers market in Ward 7 for community residents – featuring shares of fresh produce at a greatly subsidized rate. With a donation today to “Buy A Bag” on behalf of a neighbor in need, you can provide enough nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables for one week for a family of four.
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