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Extending impact through active partnership

Champions are not only great, they are also good. Nationals players are among the most active and generous in the sport, championing causes and issues in support of a greater good.

Nationals Philanthropies provides dedicated support to Nationals players and their families for causes they choose. Through a variety of activities ranging from events to in-stadium raffles to pledge campaigns, we serve as a resource and partner to manage, amplify, and extend player philanthropy. By teaming up for community impact, Nationals Philanthropies and players can invite citizens and fans to join each cause and embrace the spirit of Nats4Good.

Help us join the Scherzers to support rescue animals

For the month of April, Washington Nationals Philanthropies has partnered with Humane Rescue Alliance as part of its Spring Forward campaign to raise support for the care of animals in shelter. On average, the cost of care for one animal is $250 during its stay with the Humane Rescue Alliance. This includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, food, bedding, and toys. Donate today to help cover the cost of care for animals sheltered and placed by Humane Rescue Alliance. Nationals Philanthropies will match all donations up to $5,000.
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