Paint splatter accent Nationals Philanthropies makes a $50,000 grant to Get Shift Done

November 20, 2020

Washington Nationals Philanthropies issued a $50,000 grant out of the Nats4Good Community Response Fund today to Get Shift Done DMV. Get Shift Done DMV was launched by Nationals Philanthropies in April of this year in partnership with the Greater Washington Community Foundation and Get Shift Done.

Get Shift Done DMV provides wages of $15 an hour to workers left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic. These workers are filling the critical roles of providing meals for neighbors in need that, prior to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, were performed by volunteers. The first batch of workers reported for their first day of work on April 25, and have continued to work through the pandemic.

With an estimated 3.5 million meals served, 53,000 hours of work served, over 4,000 workers employed, and $680k of wages paid in the DMV, Get Shift Done has made a large and measureable impact in our community so far. This grant will allow them to further their impact in the region.

Nationals Philanthropies makes a $50,000 grant to Get Shift Done