Paint splatter accent NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund: DC Food Project

December 30, 2020

Nationals Philanthropies has issued a $5,500 grant to DC Food Project. Funding from the NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund will support DC Food Project by providing food to over 200 families and over 24,000 meals during the school day and over weekends when meals are not regularly available due to facility closures. Nearly one out of every three children and almost one in five residents in the District will be food insecure in 2020. As food insecurity rates continue to rise in the District, children are among the most vulnerable groups affected by inadequate access to food. DC Food Project is providing food bi-weekly to over 600 families throughout D.C., in partnership with DC Central Kitchen. The organization has distributed over 100,000 pounds of food and 700,000 meals to families since March.

NATS4GOOD Community Response Fund: DC Food Project